• CaTs³ was founded by Dr Anton Raath, Iain Hamilton and the Zwick/Roell AG in July 2004 by bringing together experienced specialists in the field of experimental structural integrity assessment.
  • Our headquarters is located in modern offices in an attractive rural location in Wolston, on the outskirts of Coventry, England. Some of our colleagues operate from additional offices in 3 further locations in England.
  • All members of the CaTs³ team have extensive industry applications experience and we bring with us the wealth of products and experience which we have personally been developing and using in the organisations from which we have worked together as colleagues over the past 20 years.

Association with Zwick / Roell

  • Our association goes back to 1999 when our former employers became members of the Zwick/Roell group through an acquisition.
  • The Zwick/Roell group was also a founding partner of CaTs³
  • Zwick/Roell is a leading supplier of test systems and is responsible for sales and support throughout the world.