Our experts

Our team of experts

Anton D. Raath

Anton D. Raath, PrEng, PhD – Managing Director

Dr Anton Raath was associate Professor and head of the Structural Mechanics laboratories at the University of Pretoria where he led a team of 25 colleagues in research, development and consulting. He looks back on 30 years of hands-on experience in the field of structural integrity assessment ranging from finite element and fatigue analysis to development of service load simulation testing technologies using parametric dynamic system identification. His PhD entitled "Structural-dynamic reconstruction in the time domain" formed the basis for our time domain simulation package QanTiM®. Over the past 15 years he has been in Europe, first as Technical Director to Kelsey Instruments, and subsequently leading development teams for the Zwick/Roell group. Anton was a founding member of CaTs³ Ltd.


Iain Hamilton

Iain Hamilton, MSc – Director, Control Systems

Iain has a mathematics background and did a Master's degree in Control Systems at the University of Loughborough. He worked on control in the Aerospace and Underwater industries with a particular focus on the modelling of six-degree-of freedom systems and parameter estimation. In 1990, Iain joined Kelsey Instruments as a control engineer and worked on the K7000 and K7500 control systems. Iain's width of expertise from modelling and simulation through real-time and control systems is an important asset to the team. As co-founder of several development teams, Iain looks back on many years of experience, particularly on the QanTiM simulations project. Iain was a founding member of CaTs³ Ltd.


Simon Newey

Simon Newey, BEng – Hardware development

Simon holds a BSc in Electronic and Computer Engineering from the University of Birmingham. He has been responsible for the design and development of several control system products, specifically hardware, firmware and software for servo-hydraulic materials and structural test systems for over 25 years. Simon has been responsible for the innovative design of the Control Cube and Signal Cube hardware and firmware. His extensive knowledge and experience remains invaluable in conceptualising and implementing not only these products, but several unique and innovative concepts to produce our world class portfolio of products.


Lamar A. Walters

Lamar A. Walters, MEng – Senior Software Engineer

Lamar did his MEng Avionics Systems degree at Liverpool University. He has been involved with software development from a young age and is responsible for Cubus software development. Lamar is involved at all stages from specification design, implementation and testing and is a key member of the Cubus development team.


Kierandeep K. Sandhu

Kierandeep K. Sandhu, Engineering/Software Technician

Kierandeep is amongst others responsible for integration testing and quality control of our Cubus software. In addition, Kierandeep is also part of the Cubus software development team and takes care of our company's logistics.


Samuel P. Storer

Samuel P. Storer, Software Engineer

Sam has extensive experience in networking systems and has been involved with computers from a young age. He is amongst others responsible for integration testing and quality control of our Cubus software. Sam is part of the Cubus software development team and also investigates computer configuration and integration problems for our company.