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All in one - Configuration, Test and Analysis

What is Cubus?

Cubus is a modular software environment aimed specifically at single- and multi-axis servo-hydraulic test rigs, including configuration, control, acquisition and analysis in a single integrated application.

Feature rich software

This feature rich package provides all the required functionality for configuration and execution of tests using the modular digital servo-controller Control Cube


On starting up Cubus, it automatically detects which hardware it is connected to via the Ethernet interface, displaying detected hardware ready for configuration

Field of application

Cubus covers the entire range of applications in the Systems Testing market, which:

  • Provides for 1 to 32 actuators
  • Is aimed at testing of full-scale structures, sub-assemblies and component specimens
  • Provides a single integrated application for all functionality
  • Allows management and configuration of all hardware resources
  • Provides management, editing, execution and quality control of all tests
  • Provides data acquisition and analysis tools

Standard Cubus test programs

Standard Cubus test programs